Conquer All The English Verb Tenses And Speak Better Now

Conquer SPECIFIC GOALS for more EFFECTIVE LEARNING: master the English verb tenses and implement them into your fluency.


  • Goal 1 you will conquer: use all of the English verb tenses correctly – reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Goal 2 you will conquer: speak English better now with the help of interactive fluency sections, which put into practice all of the grammar concepts taught in the previous section.
  • Goal 3 you will conquer: write emails using grammatically correct verb tenses: affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences in the present, past, and future.
  • Goal 4 You will conquer: learn to be self-taught in English – the fastest, most economical and fun way to become fluent.

English Verb Tenses Course: After the introduction section, there are 2 sections that explain fundamental facts we need to know and understand that will apply to all the English verb tenses, things like jargon, word order rules, participles, etc.

All of the English verb tense sections follow a similar format:


Explanation about how to identify and make the English verb tense

Exercises to remember the concepts taught to identify and make the English verb tense

Explanation about when exactly to use the English Verb tense

Exercises to remember when exactly to use the English verb tense

Explanation comparing the 2 verb tenses taught in the section

My favorite sections of the course are the “Fluency Sections”. This is where I’ve created a short story using the verb tenses taught in the previous section. There are 4 exercises to these sections:

(Reading) a short story in .pdf format

(Listening) the short story in .mp3 format

(Speaking) questions about the short story that you the student answer speaking out loud in complete sentences

(Writing) an assignment for you to write a short story that I will personally correct the grammar mistakes

It is extremely important to me that you achieve a high level of proficiency with all of the English verb tenses. That’s why I’ve created all the different exercises in this course.

This course is not difficult. It’s simple. All you have to do is go step by step, video by video, do the exercises and you will be successful in this course and improving your English fluency.

This course will help you pass standardized tests.

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P.S.  My personal favorite grammar to teach is English verb tenses. Because with sentences in the present, past, and future all the other components of the sentences stay the same (nouns, prepositions, etc.), but it’s the verb tenses that change. Verb tenses are the power of any language, and mastering English verb tenses is essential to achieve fluency and proficiency..

In my opinion, the best teachers teach us to teach ourselves, and they can explain a complex subject simply so even a child could understand. I do this in all my courses, and especially this one.

See you inside.